Aaja Nachleís goal is to advance arts and education through contribution to the community and help create community leaders. Aaja Naachle was found after Naomi and Kaki had held many dance classes and worked hard to coordinate dance events at many Indian celebrations in the DFW community. Also they understood the psychological and physical benefits of dancing to Bollywood music and the need for people who are interested in these activities to gather to enjoy on a routine basis. They realized that exposing children at an early age to stage presence and audience can make them into future leaders who will be self-confident when exposed to many tough business communication settings. Above all, they realized that contribution to the community to advance arts is important and bringing people together so the community grows and thrives is a critical life-long goal.

Management team consists of Kaki Reddy who is committed in bringing the Indian community together through dance and workout. She has a bachelorís in architecture and a masterís in computer science and has significant experience in owning and running multiple businesses and is a strong community leader and contributor to many community events and forums.

Our teachers are dedicated bunch who have talent for dancing and are committed community leaders. They are committed to seeing that dance become a routine part of everyoneís life for both entertainment and workout purposes. They are dedicated to advance the arts and culture of the Indian community broadly. They make us feel proud by their dedication and hard work.

Our facilities for the main part are owned by us and therefore we are able to offer excellent modern amenities, congenial surroundings and convenience to commuters.


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